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Management Services

Who We Are

The focus of Savvy Property Management (“Savvy Properties”) is to provide unparalleled service to clients that require assistance with property/asset management services in the East San Francisco Bay Area. We provide critical direction to our clients’ crossroad decisions in residential real estate. Savvy Property Management has the experience, tools, processes and relationships to help investment property owners achieve their financial goals by implementing a personalized, consultative, transaction/project, specific approach.

When you are shopping for a property manager, do they answer their phone? If you leave a message, do they call you right back? This kind of responsiveness is what you can expect from us when one of your most expensive assets is sitting vacant, generating no income. We know how important it is to keep your assets properly maintained and occupied, and we make it our top priority to ensure your asset is being marketed and maintained properly.

Experts agree that during these challenging financial times, property owners should work with the most talented and knowledgeable management firms in the industry. Do not trust one of your biggest investments to unproven, inexperienced, or high volume/low service property management companies. Our innovative business model and customer service expertise has resulted in strong business growth and our long-lasting tenure, making us one of the most respected and trusted property management companies in the East San Francisco Bay Area for over 35 years.

Savvy Property Management takes the hassle out of owning investment real estate. We are your full service property management solution, allowing you to relax, knowing that your investment is well cared for in a professional manner. Our residential services are focused solely on you and your properties. We are results oriented, with a proven track record of success. Our statement of qualifications speaks for itself. We have the experience and unique background to provide our clients with a special, single-point of contact service.

Services Offered

We provide a full range of thorough and competent services for investment property owners. They include accounting and expense tracking, marketing and advertising, showing, repairs/maintenance, property inspections, rent collection, eviction services, and monthly statements with direct deposit available. Our fees are very competitive; we encourage our clients to shop around. You might find a lower % among other companies, but those companies will ask for fees to do the advertising and leasing, and they will come up with other creative ways to make their costs significantly higher than ours.

Financials, Budgeting, and Software Services

  • Receipt of rent – variety of payment options available to tenants
  • Detailed monthly owner statements with any repair receipts attached
  • Processing for payment of property expenses with no reserves from owner required
  • Tenant/Owner portal access

As part of the Management Plan for all properties managed by Savvy Property Management, our bookkeeping team can produce a wide variety of accounting reports customized to our clients’ needs. Standard monthly and annual reports that are available include:

  • Income Statements
  • Balance Sheets
  • Cash flow reports
  • Property expenses/maintenance history
  • Customized monthly/annual reporting

Appfolio is the software of choice for Savvy Property Management residential management staff, offering an assortment of customized reporting options, portal access for both owners and tenants, and electronic payment acceptance and delivery for those who prefer this option. Savvy Property Management will process the following for our residential management clients with a myriad of customized, client-specific reporting options upon request:

  • Processing monthly vendor expenses from rent proceeds
  • Collection of monthly rent payments
  • Tracking maintenance requests and associated repair costs
  • Monthly statements with detailed income and expense
  • 1099 reporting at the end of each calendar year for tax purposes

Management Services

  • Market analysis of rental property value
  • Advertisement and promotion of properties on over ten realty websites
  • Showing of property to prospects and/or automated online showings
  • Thorough tenant screenings with owner review and ultimate approval
  • Lease creation, lease execution, and move-in
  • Tenant lease compliance and associated correspondence
  • Maintenance and repair management
  • Handling tenant service requests
  • Periodic property inspections and drive-by monitoring
  • Bidding and engagement of property service vendors
  • Monitoring of vendor performance, punctuality, response, and reliability
  • Individual specialized services

Individual (a-la-carte) Services

  • Lease Extensions
  • Rent Collection Enforcement
  • Property Inspections
  • Evictions
  • Court Preparation and Appearance

Leasing/Administrative Services

In real estate investing the common wisdom is “location, location, location;” as a property owner renting real estate, it’s “occupancy, occupancy, occupancy.” At Savvy Property Management, our goal of 100% occupancy is paramount for EVERY property we manage and is on-going in EVERYTHING we do. When your assets are sitting vacant, money out of your pocket is being lost; therefore, maintaining occupied rental properties is essential.

  • Tenant Turnovers: One of our most successful strategies in achieving and maintaining 100% occupancy is anticipating turnovers and staying on top of rental market trends. Our community managers are trained to keep their eyes and ears open to their tenants and to utilize our advanced management software to track leases coming up in the next 90 days. Avoiding lost rent by keeping the lines of communication open with the current tenant is key. If the tenant plans to vacate, preparation of a marketing plan to lease the property is developed about 60 days prior to the lease expiration and implemented 45 days prior to the turnover. Keeping up with what is happening in the community allows us to anticipate turnovers and quickly fill vacancies, minimizing lost revenue.
  • Beta Technological Advances: Savvy Property Management takes advantage of the newest technologies and offers them to owners who are comfortable with these innovations and who wish to set their properties apart from the competition. The latest offering in Savvy Property Management’s library is an automated showing system. This gives prospective tenants a chance to be guided through an automated online vacancy showing process, so they can view a property before even expressing their interest in it. This means the prospect(s) will be seriously interested in renting the property by the time they contact us. It is Savvy Property Management’s position that if both controlled and automated online showings are offered, then we are maximizing the number of times a vacancy is seen.
  • Lease Disputes/Administrative inquiries: Savvy Property Management utilizes the most highly respected forms put together by the California Association of Realtors (CAR). These forms are regularly reviewed by the extensive network of qualified legal staff to ensure that they address the latest legislative changes and any case law challenges in the rental industry. Knowing that the documents utilized by Savvy Property Management are the latest and greatest, undoubtedly brings our clients peace of mind.
  • Maintenance of Tenant Lease Files/Information: Each property has both a physical and electronic file maintained as required by the Bureau of Real Estate. Tenant files include applications, copied photo IDs, records and receipts, any and all imperative email correspondence with tenants, and lease agreements.
  • Maintenance Expenses/Authority to Repair/Reserves: Unless the client requests otherwise, Savvy Property Management asks for no authority to repair anything without the owner’s consent. In rare instances, where there is an emergency and the owner cannot be reached, independent discretion may be utilized. Savvy Property Management also requests no reserves from the owner for rental expenses; our vendors allow payment to occur from rent reserves. If any expenses are incurred, they are detailed to the owner via owner online portal and/or a copy of the invoice is included with the monthly statement.
  • Keys and Security Deposits: Keys and all other tenant files are kept in locked cabinets for all managed properties. Security deposits are maintained in a trust account that is completely separate from the operating account that processes rents and expenses. This non-interest bearing security deposit trust account is held at the Bank of America. Savvy Property Management chose Bank of America based on their experience in handling trust accounts and to ensure that the funds are protected, providing the highest possible compliance with the Bureau of Real Estate guidelines.

We look forward to providing you with unparalleled service.